10 Tips to live a happy and successful life:

1. What’s your Goal?

If you want to be successful then first you have to think about it. Take your time and decide what exactly you expect from your life. Do what you love, no matter how long it will take but at the end of it, you will be successful as well as happy coz you will be doing something that you always wanted to do.

Think and find out what is your goal.

2. Commitment towards Dream:

Take a piece of paper and write it down on it whatever is your dream. When you do something that you love, you will be obviously happy and cheerful to walk on the path towards success. Be committed to it completely and give it your 100%.

3. Seek the knowledge:

Though, it is something what you love but still you will be surprised that you aren’t aware about all the facts on the very first time. Go, get a complete knowledge about it, make it your life, read, speak and hear about it as much as you can. Explore yourself.

4. Make it fun!

Don’t force yourself to do it. Make it fun that you will forget about the struggle you are doing while working for your dream.

5. Don’t depend on others:

Every person has their own life and own dreams. You have your own and focus on it. Don’t depend on others to help you to go through it. Create your own path and move towards it fearlessly.

6. Plan properly:

Plan your day, plan your week, plan your path to success. Make a time table and work accordingly. Stick to it until you complete your goal. Without planning, you cannot achieve anything in your life for a long run.

7. Set deadlines:

Human beings are very unsatisfied at some point of time. Once we achieve something, we want more of it and it has to be there to keep going on. Set deadlines and plan properly for every goal of yours and be habitual to it so that your mind will keep on pushing you to complete your goals on deadlines set by you for yourself. Keep the short term goals towards one final goal which will keep you motivated every now and then for keep going on your path of success and achieve more and more of what you want.

8. Wake up to music.

Wake up to music and not an alarm. It will keep you charged up all the long day. You will be happy and motivated if you will start you day with the music and get up cheerfully.

9. Let yourself experience emotions:

Feel the emotions and know what is love, grief and pain are. Don’t be a time machine or robot which works without any emotions. You won’t be happy if you just behave like an emotionless person no matter how much you earn.

10. Live everyday like it’s your last day:

Give time to everything. Live your dream, think about it as much as you can and work over it but don’t forget the near and dear ones who are there with you and look after your happiness and well being. Have a happy life. Take some time out of your busy schedule for your people, talk to others, follow your passion, take some time out for your hobby. Live a life everyday. Think about future, but don’t forget to live in the present. Love your life and live everyday like it’s your last day.

All the very best to everyone.

– Suvarna Barge (Megha).


13 thoughts on “10 Tips to live a happy and successful life:

  1. You have this very well-mapped. The materials that one needs, to achieve goals, present themselves and often in very subtle ways. Sometimes, we are pushed out of a situation and towards another. It turns out that the new environment is exactly what one needs, in order to reach that brass ring.

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  2. बेहतर लिखी हो मेघा, शुक्रिया।।
    मैं अपने घर वालों को जरूर इसे शेयर करूँगी ताकि वे और भी कुछ बेहतरीन तरीके से काम करें।

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