Live in the present! 

We are so busy with our lives nowadays. We are busy creating the best future for ourselves but are we assured that we are going to see the tomorrow? We are thinking about our future so enthusiastically but we never know if we will be alive in the very next moment or not! Then why should we keep worrying for our future, for the next moment, for the next day, next month?

We are planning things for next week or next month, for next year, saving our money for those future plans. Our existence is a mere thing. So instead of thinking about future so badly, why not live in this moment, and whatever the plans are, make them happen now itself? Why not live it now and here only? So that no matter what happens in future, we won’t regret not doing something we should have done. Make it happen now so that in your last moments, you won’t feel that I failed to do this, this is what I wanted to do but I didn’t make it.

If you love someone, then tell her/him now itself instead of waiting for that perfect moment. If you want to go somewhere, take a holiday and go now. If you want to do something, do it now. This is the time to do so. If you have some passion, don’t wait for the right time, this is the right time. Follow your passion. If you want to do something but waiting for an opportunity, then don’t wait for it, create an opportunity. If you want something so badly, then don’t think about anything else, work harder on it and get it now.

There is no such thing as a right time, perfect moment or better opportunity. You have to create it on your own and you have that power within yourself. You just need to think about it, wish it so hardly and need to work harder to get it. Those who think that the right time will come, for them right time will never come because they will keep giving excuses to themselves all the time. Do it now.

– Suvarna(Megha).


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