Love yourself over anybody else! 

Some people don’t deserve to stay in our life. We, under the name of love, keep feeding their egos all the time and they think that it’s their birthright to hurt us, to behave the way they want to. 

That person is not wrong in this all, it’s you who is giving them that right to disrespect you, hurt you, abuse you or behave however they want to behave. 

Whatever you are doing for the sake of love, whatever you are facing, whatever they say, you try to understand their situation but its gonna harm you in the long run. Cause it’s just one sided, another person is just there to take your advantage, to hurt you all over again.

They hurt you, you get hurt, then they fool you, like a fool, you trust again, they hurt you again and the cycle goes on and on and on. 

If you can give someone else loads of chances for the sake of love towards them, give yourself atleast one chance for the self love, self esteem.

First, you need to love yourself, you need to realise your own worth and then only people will do it for you. So don’t have mercy on yourself, don’t let people take you for granted. 

Don’t give any person the right to hurt you, that person doesn’t deserve you, and the one who deserves you will never hurt you. 

Love yourself, fight for yourself first  because if you can’t love yourself, nobody else will do it for you! 

– Suvarna (Megha). 


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