Jar of Happiness!

I have got an amazing idea to live and cherish the beautiful moments of 2018, though its not my own idea, I got to know about this through social media, but it touched me and I felt like sharing it with all of you. 

Make a jar for the beautiful memories of 2018, each week or whenever you will do something beautiful which you would like to keep with you forever, just make a note of it on a paper and put it in a jar. 

This thing can be anything like something which made you happy, proud, some unforgettable moment or anything such kind. Put it in a jar and keep it all like that only for a year. 

At the end of the year open the jar and read all those notes, you will realize that there are many more beautiful things in this world to make you happy than to make you feel sad for. Life is beautiful, you just need to focus on good things and eliminate bad things, bad memories out of your life forever. Let’s do it. Let’s make this year a beautiful, let’s make our life bit easy and peaceful. Spread love. 
– Suvarna (Megha). 


31 thoughts on “Jar of Happiness!

      1. Megha I must be a goodie man day to day and no great plans in order to future ‘cos you be thinking of gold and no expectations, I love petty details from Alzheimer dad


  1. Thats so wonderful idea….it reminded me of the story wherein a couple deposits an amount on every beautiful moment of life and when they were about to depart forever they decided to split the amount collected and started going through the passbook entries where the sorrows win over with happiness…gr8 idea Megha keep it up.

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