My bucket list for 2018:

1. Travel to atleast two states a year.

2. Healthy life.

3. Publish a book.

4. Do something very new and different than the things I have done before.

5. Some adventure to feel the thrill of life.

6. Many good books to read. 

7. My YouTube channel.

8. Investment.

9. Good people, happy life.

10. Good achievements in professional life.

Happy new year! 

Wish me Luck… 😉 


21 thoughts on “My bucket list for 2018:

  1. I do wish you luck of course and I hope you find all those things in perfect order, I found some valuable information late in life , I really don’t know if it’s just wisdom from all the gray or gray from the trials of life, but it’s essential that we move with passion as we pour our hearts out for our brothers and sisters, this is the key to happiness and prosperity, blessings from God, it’s how we , not so much, worry about ourselves but others who are continually oppressed by the devil(temptation), I have learned through my own oppression and I watch others, unaware of their adversary, thinking only how messed up their lives are and not why, it’s something every living soul goes through, some worse than others but blessed ,more than a Rich, unmerciful, greedy, selfish, person who will never find themselves on their knees asking for help and forgiveness, Jesus says , Blessed are the Poor and Needy, they shall inherit the earth, and He says , It’s easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but ALL things are possible with God , it’s where your heart is, if it’s on money that will perish, so will they, but if it’s on your brother and sisters needs, rather than your own needs or wants, things seems to work out for you and blessings come like the morning dew, so don’t meditate so much on your own wants or needs because Jesus says, worry not what tomorrow brings because the days are evil there of,but trust in God , The Lord shall provide…. Jehova-Jirea

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