Gratitude; a small word, small thing but can mean a lot. 

In this beautiful world, many people do some or the other thing for us and we also feel happy by what they do for us, but what we lack in is gratitude towards it. A small “Thanks” can make someone feel appreciated for what they do for us! 

We ignore many small things done by people for us. Like our mom, who cooks food for us daily without expecting that she should get paid for it, our dad, who struggles all his life for our better future, our friends sometimes support us in our bad times, and many other such things that happen in our everyday life. 

Just a “Thank you” from our mouth can make people feel happy and proud of what they are doing and they will keep doing it as much as they can. 
I remember, my mom used to cook food for us daily and we never used to appreciate her. She used to spend all of her time for us, our needs and still I never appreciated her as much as she deserves for her efforts. 

Instead of appreciating her for her work, we used to complain many times for some or the other things. 

Now, I cook on my own, even though not as good as her but still can’t take it when someone says anything about it and I realise how great she is!
Without expecting anything she just keeps doing her work constantly. 

Recently, I went to meet her, I talked to her for so long, she cooked for me my favourite dishes, she thought of my comfort, my choices, about what I like, how I like and did everything for me, to see me happy. I felt like crying at that time because I was missing all that from a very long time. At that moment itself, what came out of me was gratitude. 
I just said, “thanks a lot mom. You do a lot for us. I am so glad that you are my mom. “

And the very next moment, her eyes were wet, it was happiness. She felt appreciated for whatever she does for us and was very happy to know that her children value her efforts, because all that matters to her is what her children think.
We were silent for a while.
And then she smiled at me and said, “Tell me now, what do you want to eat my baby” and got busy in her household duties.

That smile on her face for a minute made me so happy.

See how small and easy it is to appreciate someone and make them happy. It doesn’t just make them happy, but also makes us happy.

So now I have decided that once in a while, I will keep appreciating people who do things for me in any way I can.
And I must say, try this with the people around you. Show gratitude. Share happiness.

Be happy and make others happy. 

– Suvarna (Megha). 


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  2. While I’m reading this,I felt glad and Joy.Because all of these are positive and related to me.I don’t know why.Maybe it’s just,i got only seen my mother once in year,and it’s just related me so much….

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