Letter to the king of my heart… ❤

You know what, when I saw you for the first, ofcourse I liked you! But it was more about your stunning looks, your attitude! I was attracted towards you at that time. And then we started dating each other. 

I was so overwhelmed with your love at that time that I unknowingly started taking you for granted and I didn’t realize it till the day you left me thinking that I was just playing with your feelings. That was the day when I realized that I am in love with you like anything and you have suddenly become something without which I cannot think of living my life, it was no more about your looks, your charm, it was all about YOU, your presence!

I started missing you then and loved you more then. By God’s grace and all of my efforts to get you back in my life, you came back to me and now, life is beautiful with you! We are planning to tie the knot soon, we are dreaming of exploring the world together, we are awaiting to live our future together, we are working together so hard to make our life better. And its working that way, its going to happen very soon. All will be fine with our lives and will be the way we have dreamed of. 

So many ups and downs came in our journey of love by now and I know many will come in future as well, but I am very sure about one thing that we will never get apart  as now I know that you love me and you also know that I love you too! 

This is just a letter for you to express what I feel about you, and hey sweetheart, whenever you will get angry over me, whenever you will feel like leaving me or being apart from each other, just read this letter and you will realize that we are meant to be together and there are more reasons to be together than being apart from each other.
You are the king of my heart. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Always stay with me, I need you like a breath to live! ❤

Only yours,

– Suvarna (Megha). 


29 thoughts on “Letter to the king of my heart… ❤

  1. Suvarna, you are a beautiful person, inside & out, and I’m glad to see you will soon embark on a life journey with your special man. There will be all the ups and downs of life, headed your way. As long as you face them together, your unit will prevail.

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