Fear Of Rejection…

Fear of rejection is something which should not affect our lives. 

Sometimes this rejection means an opportunity to get something better than what you were expecting. So stop being afraid of rejections, just do what you want and  whatever happens, let it happen. Trust the God. Trust yourself. 

You never know, maybe you deserve something better than this, and that’s why you faced rejection in this thing.


39 thoughts on “Fear Of Rejection…

  1. See being positive is absolutely good. But when uncertain words like May, If or But come in statements then they itself take one towards fear of rejection. Why we have fear of rejection that has to be understood and on which aspects of life. Acceptance or Rejection are part of life how much we dare enough to challenge the rejection is the real question. Like in one of your blog एक तरफा प्यार। when one has decided to love then what’s the point to be rejected. Art must be that you make other to realize and he or she come back to you . This is just one of the example bcoz people are not able to handle to type of rejections one in love and other in interviews.

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      1. For some the fear of rejection runs deep and comes from scars from their past. Not always easy to get over it. As long as they recognize the fear and try not to let it impact their decision making negatively they can still lead happy successful lives

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  2. tmezpoetry

    So true. I have a phrase that comes in handy with strong emotions – What we feel doesn’t change the outcome. In that respect we give ourselves permission to feel and experience everything. What we do with it is another matter~

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