Get To Know Me Child Award…

Hello friends, 

On 13th September, one of my blogger friend shubhamd96 nominated me for “Get To Know Me Child Award”

First of all, I would like to thank you Shubhamd96 for this honour. 

Rules for the Nominees :

1. Each nominee must thank the person who is nominated them.

2. Must post one of your childhood picture with your nickname.

3. Must reveal 5 funniest experience of your childhood. 

4. Nominate other bloggers. (For this post, I am not nominating anyone because many of us are already nominated with this award.) 

My Childhood Picture! 

5 Funniest Experiences of my childhood:

1. I was so arrogant as a child that I was never even afraid of my mom. Everytime when she used to scold me, I was very tough that at the end she would feel like scolding this girl is totally useless and ultimately she used to give up!

2. On saturday, we used to have snacks for tiffin instead of homemade food and I never ate it at school, I used to pack it and take it home so that I could share it with my family… And the snacks which I used to share with my family were worth Rs.5 only.

3. I was like a bodyguard to my younger brother (generally everyone is, but I was very aggressive).😂

Once a boy was fighting with my brother and I couldn’t resist myself from getting involved in that to save my brother.

I just went there and slapped that boy and he started crying. Well, I apologized and also made him understand his mistake, in fact I was little bit guilty too for that act, but after that incidence nobody ever tried to fight with my bro! 

And I was just 12 years old and my brother 9.🤣

4. During every summer vacation, I used to go to my native place. 

After a long 2 months of vacation, whenever I was about to come back to Mumbai, I used to cry like I am never going to meet my relatives again. 

5. I was very good at dancing in my own style but I never got to know how to dance with proper steps. My first dance was on a song known as ‘I love my India’ and at that time my mom and my elder brother were doing the steps behind the audience and I was just following their steps on the stage!😅

Lastly, I would like to thank you Shubhamd96 once again, it made me so happy, reminded me of those good days and sweet memories. Thank you so much. 

Lots of love, 

-Suvarna (Megha).


29 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Child Award…

  1. Congrats on the award, you actually scared me having faught with a guy and slap him around…..not really I find it sexy.
    When you wrote as a “themilliondollargirl” I think you actually ment the ” one billion dollars girl”
    Anywas, glad to meet you, I appreciate you taking the time and looking at my crazy blog, and read you later with more time,
    I will do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves”

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    1. It’s true with most people missing or remember how wonderful and magical their childhood days were but not all, maybe someone still has nightmares of their dark side of life, true a child should cherish their past as a flower buds in the spring but on the other side of things there’s evil lurking around, searching for some defensive, small, helpless human being to feed on their own satisfaction of cruelty to a child because their own abuse from someone they trusted only to be deceiving, make sure you listen for a child’s silent cry and see their reactions when other family members are around, don’t ignore something that doesn’t seem right with your baby, protect against predators that feed on Children, it may save a life of pain and suffering ; healing is a long process of moving on and forgiveness..

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      1. Yeah, very true! we need to have that bond with our kids that they will believe no matter what happens, we will always be by their side and if we succeed in this, noone can harm our kids. That bonding is missing somewhere, kids are afraid of their own parents and their judgements and so they dont share it to even their own parents.


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