Liebster Award!!! ❤

Hello Friends, 

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award from my blogger friend Ketaki Bhave.

First of all, I would like to thank you for nominating me for such interesting award! So as per the rules, I will have to answer your questions and the questions are as follows: 

1. According to you, what type of personality are you? 

I am Full Of Life kind of personality. I just live my life the way I want to. Sometimes I am very emotional, sensitive. Sometimes I am very very impatient and short tempered.

2. What are your hobbies which can turn into fantastic career? 

I love singing but I am very pathetic singer. Writing or dancing may turn in fantastic career someday! 

3. What is your favourite book? On which you can write the another book? 

There are many books which are my favourite, but Two States is one of my favourite book. If ever possible, I want to live that story in my own way with love of my life and write a book on it. 

4. If you would get a chance to write a book on very famous personality, who is it? 

I want to write a book on someone who is yet to get famous but it’s gonna happen very soon. Till then, let’s keep it secret! 😛 

5. When and how you started blogging? 

My brother ‘Suhas’ who have always motivated me to write but I used to write and keep it to me only. I always uesd to feel like start blogging to express my feelings and emotions but I was afraid to do that. On 23rd July, I recited my poem to one of my friend Ashish and the unexpected response from him made me publish it, it also motivated me to write more. And so I started blogging on 26th July. I am very thankful today to my brother Suhas and Ashish, who have motivated me to write. It has been one and half month now I have started blogging and I’m just loving it! 🙂 

6. What is life for you? 

Life for me is to love wholeheartedly, singing like no one is listening to me, dancing like no one is watching me, making happy every human being around me by my stupid humour, my family, friends and some good work for the society. Life is adventure. Life is travelling and exploring. Life is living in the present moment, doing every stupid thing and now one more thing, Blogging!!! 

7. Definition of enjoyment to you? 

For me, there is nothing specific I can do as in Enjoyment! I gels with people very easily but I don’t depend on anyone. I enjoy my own company as well. Sometimes I do get sad, upset.. but I don’t let it control my happiness. If there is any reason for me to get upset at, I try to find out many reasons to get happy at! I love my life, and I accept whatever life puts in front of me, which make me live happily! So I don’t need any other source for enjoyment. 

I am my own favourite and I love myself so much! 😛 

8. Which type of stories do you like? 

I like romantic, motivational and historical stories. 

9. How important the blogging is for you? 

Blogging is must everyday. The time I woke up, first I go on WordPress and then on any other app or social site if I get free time. Blogging is my creation, my world. 

10. What message you want to give to all other bloggers who have started writing recently? 

To all the new bloggers like me, I can only say that keep following your passion. Motivate others through your writings! Be happy! Be in touch!!! 

And that’s it! I am done. It was so fun to answer all of your questions. I enjoyed it Ketaki! Thank you once again for nominating me for this award. 😘

Stay Blessed! Keep writing!! ❤


– Suvarna (Megha). 


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