Be Yourself, Be Beautiful…!❤

For being beautiful, you don’t need to have fair and soft skin, good figure, you don’t need soft voice, you don’t need straight silky hair!

You need kind heart that cares for others, you need good thoughts, you need a clear vision! And that’s enough to be a beautiful person! 

You should learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

You don’t really need to change your physical appearance to be beautiful. If you really want to change anything, change the way you think.

You need to change your attitude into positive. If you find beauty in your looks and physical appearance, all you need to change is your perspective about life and beauty.

– Suvarna (Megha). 

57 thoughts on “Be Yourself, Be Beautiful…!❤

  1. Hello Suvarna,

    that is so true. I believe that last is the most important. Attitude. We are all beautiful. They try to impose their taste to us, fashion gurus , life gurus to think, to dress the same. But we are not the same. We are different and in that is our beauty 🙂

    Thank you

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