Embrace Yourself…❤

I am little fat, I am very thin, I have pimples, I wanted to be fair, My communication skills are very poor, I am an Introvert, I have so many friends but still there is no one with whom i can share my feelings, I am very short tempered, I have short height, I have very frizzy hair, and it goes on and on! 

And its never ending!!!

But hey you out there, you know what? Everyone is insecure about some or the other thing. We are all reading the same book but the only thing is that we all are on different different pages. 

Someone else is having something that you want and what that person wants is something you or some other person is having! But the point is, in every person’s life, there is something which they want, but they don’t have it or can’t have it! We all are imperfectly perfect in our own journey of life.

Insecurity is ok till some extent, until and unless its giving you inferiority complex and you must not feel complexed because obviously, there is definitely something you have which nobody else has. Find that one thing out of yourself and be unique in your own way. 

Make some individuality of yourself and make it your identity. Don’t focus on something that you don’t have, focus on something that you already have with you, improve it and make it your identity.  

And then you will be the happiest person, even after knowing your imperfections. And then you will be able to face confidently whatever life throws at you!

Embrace your flaws, Love yourself!!! 

– Suvarna (Megha). 


37 thoughts on “Embrace Yourself…❤

  1. what we have will always be loved by someone….. we should not be critical of our looks and bodies…… we have to maintain what we have….. its a god gift…. rather we should focus on our talent…… knowledge and beautiful world around us……

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    1. Yeah, that’s good for you. People will keep criticizing you, at such time, don’t lower down, you think about yourself and you will find some or other thing that makes you unique and the thing which will make people fall for you. Take Care and all the very best! 😉

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