Teacher’s Day Celebration…❤

Teacher’s Day Celebration with my Sweethearts! 😘 Bundle of Joy! ❤

Right now, life is very happening and its happening because I am doing something which makes me happy all the time I work. I am doing something that I love to do. 

I am working with an organization which works for girls’ education, women empowerment in Rajasthan. Basically I am from Mumbai but I am staying at Rajasthan for this social cause and I am glad that I am a part of this organization for more than a year now! 

Today, as it is a teacher’s day, I celebrated the day with my beloved kids. 

To be honest, I never thought that I would ever work as a teacher, I don’t know what holds me back to these kids, I always miss my place, feel like leaving but here I am, unable to leave , holding on to my decision of not leaving this place. 

It’s a very huge responsibility to help them in shaping their future and yes I am doing that very happily by now. 

And these kids, they never leave any chance to make me feel very very special for them. I feel very blessed to have them all in my life. It feels like; yeah there is someone who is eagerly waiting for you to come, to listen to your voice, to see you smiling and also to feel loved. 

I am doing it now and until and unless I feel that I am done with this and these kids are very sufficient to do it on their own, I hope I will be there as their guardian, their support system, their mentor!


– Suvarna (Megha).


54 thoughts on “Teacher’s Day Celebration…❤

  1. This is cool. Is there any possibility once I am in India to give a general management motivational talk on how child can shape their career. Do let me know . I would love to discuss open talk with students.

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      1. Okk I will let you know my return on which date of this month. My number is 9811306539. Let me know when I can have the talk and where in Rajasthan. So that I can see whether I can drive or reach by other mode and when are holidays period in the school I will take that as exclusion then

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