O Womaniya…


      Hello every woman out there, I hope you’re doing very well in your life. I know you all must be busy in your 24/7 house duties, but please give me five minutes out of your very precious time. I would just like to know, are you really living your own life or not? Or you are just living for the sake of living? Or you don’t even know what exactly “living” means? 
      Its alright if you don’t know by now, because its never too late to know about some or the other things. So relax. Breathe.

       I know making food for your family, taking care of them, thinking about their comfort, thinking about family first all the time makes you happy, and you are okay doing everything for them all the time. But what if they won’t be there for you in the future, then for whom will you do all this stuff? What if there is no one else but only you that is left behind? what will you do then? 

        From the very beginning, you are taught to ask or think about your father and mother, then your brother/s, then your husband and then about your own kids. And you learned it very nicely as usual but you just forgot to think about your own self and you didn’t ever give a thought to it? You are too content with your family, that you have lost your own individuality and though after doing every possible thing for all of them, you have no control over any of them and not even on yourself. 

       I’m not saying you’re doing something wrong. You are doing a very great job actually, because it is very difficult to love or care for someone without expecting anything from them in return. And you are doing it very very well. The only thing you are lacking at is that you are not loving yourself and I am asking you to do that now, for YOU. 

       Its time now that you start living and must start loving yourself. Take out some “ME” time out of your busy day schedule and start exploring. Make some new friends like other married women from your colony, or contact some old school friends you used to have fun with, get in touch with them, follow your hobby or passion if you like something, motivate some other women around you who need it, do something which you never dared to do before and most of all Love yourself, live your life and be happy. This is all you deserve. You deserve Happiness. 

You go Womaniya! I’m with you. 😘❤

-Suvarna (Megha)


30 thoughts on “O Womaniya…

      1. Equipping

        Thanks for your kindness, which is more than I am due. I like to teach; that is my life’s desire. Whatever is needed to teach anyone, is what I attempt to do. It may be email, hangouts, or wordpress blogs, which is a bit slower. My God given emphasis is on the end times teaching. Too many people are scared that they will end up in the tribulation, and will also end up in the Battle of Armageddon. Christ has saved us from those things. I try to equip as many people as possible, so that they can also equip others. So, please let me know which is the best way of communicating knowledge of God’s Word to you. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers.


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