Dear Ex…

This letter is dedicated to every guy and girl, whoever have broken the heart of their loved ones.

Dear ex, 
Hey I hope you doing well! I miss you…
But listen, that doesn’t mean that I want you back! As u have gone from my life now, please don’t come back to me ever because If you are thinking that no matter where you go, I will keep waiting for you as always, then its big NO this time…😬

I remember the day when you promised me that you will never ever leave me alone, our love will live forever, we will never ever get apart and that “I will be the only girl to whom you will get married”.

Your words still hurt me because u didn’t keep your promises and one day u made me realize that all those promises were just some pleasant lies! And I was not the only girl in your life! So it’s better to just forget about it.

But still I believed you and kept on believing you, and dreaming of our future together. You came to me, you went away, and you came back again, and you left me again for number of times till now but, NOT NOW. Enough is Enough!

I loved you a lot but you didn’t care about it and went away and left me in the middle of our journey of love. I begged you but you didn’t stop, you left me broken, all alone and I got completely scattered, lost and almost dead. It took me months to realize everything and now, here I am.. I have got a new life! I have started loving myself more than anybody else and this is what I deserve! 

I am done with “YOUR LOVE”! Now you better search someone else and if possible try not to promise someone if you can’t keep your promises. Try not to make someone believe in your “let’s get married” dreams, if you can’t marry one. Try not to say “I love you”, if you don’t feel so. Try not to say “our love will live forever”, if you can’t keep it forever. 

Anyway, as now you’ve gone, Relief! 

Thanks a lot darling for making me realize my own worth and what I deserve! I love you more for this! I will miss you and I will also cherish those special and loving moments I spent with you! 
I wish you the best luck for your future, and I just wish that you should better get someone whom you will love with all your heart.

With love, 

Your ex! 

P.S. (This is not a personal letter or feelings to anyone related to me, but just an effort to replicate some feelings out of every broken heart)


64 thoughts on “Dear Ex…

  1. I can relate to this so much. I went through something similar. It’s very easy to lose oneself in another and be blind to their true nature because you want to believe with all your heart that they do care. It is a hurt that never really goes away, it fades but it is always buried.

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  2. Il y a un peu de chacun de nous dans ces quelques mots. Ces mots qui sont écrits avec élégance, sensibilité et retenue. Voici ce qui me conduit à m’abonner et rebloguer cette lettre à nos amours parfois déçues, ces amours déchues qui sont pourtant à la source un jour, je vous l’assure du grand amour.

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